100% Qiveut Scarves

Woven Knit scarf and lace hat                100% qiveut lace scarf
Woven Knit Scarf Pictured 12" X  55" $398.00          Lace Knit Scarves  12"  X  55"    $298.00
Hand Painted Shades of Forest Autumn                     See order information for colors.

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Qiveut.com - Custom Clothing Made in Alaska from the Wool of the Arctic Musk-Ox.  Qiveut is also spelled Qiviut or sometimes Kiviut, kiveut, qiviuk, qiviute, qiviuq, kiviuk.  Handmade in Palmer, Alaska.   Smokering, smokerings, scarf, scarfs, hat, hats, sock, socks, glove, gloves.  Mat-su, Matanuska, Anchorage, Wasilla, valley.
100%Qiveut Smoke Rings or circular scarves come in two styles 

Lace Knit Smoke Ring 
A circular scarf that fits over the head like a hood or can be worn draped around the neck.         $220.00

Woven Knit Smoke Ring 
Worn the same as the lace knit and adds more protection from the cold $295.00      
Lace Knit Smoke Ring                             Woven Knit Smoke Ring                 
Light as a cloud, elegant, and warm.           Turn it inside out and have a solid natural brown.
Hand Dyed Raspberry shown.                     Comes in many of the hand painted colors 
Smoke-Ring $220.00                                    Woven Knit Smoke Ring $295.00    
Natural Brown Lace Knit Smoke Ring $220.00