The soft under-down of the Alaskan Musk Ox is seasonally collected by hand and fashioned into garments and accessories.  

This fine yarn is 8 times warmer than sheeps wool, 6 times warmer than Alpaca and is proven to be softer than cashmere.

Each item is certified Made in Alaska.    
 Made In Alaska Permit No. 4599

Permit # 4599

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Qiveut.com- Custom Clothing Made in Alaska from the Wool of the Arctic Musk-Ox.  Qiveut is also spelled Qiviut or sometimes Kiviut, kiveut, qiviuk, qiviute, qiviuq, kiviuk.  Handmade in Palmer, Alaska.   Smokering, smokerings, scarf, scarfs, hat, hats, sock, socks, glove, gloves.  Mat-su, Matanuska, Anchorage, Wasilla, valley.

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